Shapes or Configurations of Milking Inflations

Round.  This shape of milking inflation has been the mainstay for over 100 years! there have been many reasons for this, the two main reasons are the ease in the manufacturing of the tooling to produce the parts and the feeling a round inflation would glove fit a round teat.

Oval. This style had a pre-collapsed barrel, which was further improved in narrow bore versions by the Bou-Matic F1 and F1A styles designed by Bou-Matic however it was generally  known for slow milking.

Square. This shape was designed to have the barrel walls to collapse from four sides, thus reducing the forces on the teat compared to a round part.

Triangular. Like the square inflation this was designed to be more gentle on the teat than a round part and hopefully milk faster than a square shape.

Fluted. Product was designed to form more than 4 sides hoping to reduce the pressure placed on the teat during the massage phase.


The Hybrid®. It's development considered the good and bad points of all the above designs. The barrel of the Hybrid® is manufactured in a round shape, but incorporates exterior ribs which lock into corresponding groves of the shell interior.  This combination, when assembled, reshapes the round inflation barrel into a "hybrid" action. Although molded round, the walls simultaneously collapse from three sides, as a modified triangle, creating equal collapse forces. Because the design utilizes built-in wall barrel resistance, it has the fastest opening and closing speed of any product on the market today.

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