Milking Inflations or liners for the milking of cows, sheep, goats or buffalo. To further understand, read on.



Why is the Hybrid® Inflation so







Look at the pictures!


The Photo at the left is looking down the barrel of the Hybrid® Inflation from the mouth during the open or milk phase. The photo at the right is shown during the massage or rest phase.


One can easily see there is no area that will place excess pressure on the teat while still being capable of shutting the teat canal off.


Pricing is important but performance and longevity (outstanding teat ends, good milking speed and 6,000 to 13,000 ICM's) should be foremost on the dairyman's mind!


Giving your girls, family, and or farm employees the best product does not cost, it pays!


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Updated 1/24/2016



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The purpose of this web site is to stimulate input on what can and is being done  primarily in the milking of cows however what is mentioned in the following pages should apply to sheep, goats and buffalo.

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How big is the dairy industry, there are an estimated 220 million dairy cows, 67 million milking buffaloes and well over 100 million sheep and goats being milked in the world today. In the world over 400 different styles and shapes of inflations are being used today.

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